• Fox Dairy Farms

    A Family Owned & Operated Dairy, Beef, Pork and Crop Farm in Quesnel, BC

  • Our Story

    "We immigrated to Canada in December 1990 and moved straight to Fox Dairy Farm in Kersley, BC. We experienced our coldest winter in January 1991 at -45 °C. After a three year partnership with the previous owners we bought the farm in November 1993. It was quite a struggle to provide enough feed for our Dairy cows and Roland was extremely busy fixing old equipment so that haying and silaging would go as smoothly as possible the following year.


    A big set back was the total destruction of the milk barn on February 1, 1995. We were very grateful for all of the neighbors who helped us save our dairy herd. We were able to move the milking cows to Pinnacle Dairy and the dry cows and heifers to the Miller Dairy farm. On October 31, 1995 we thankfully moved all our dairy animals back in the brand new dairy barn.


    In the mean time our families grew and the kids started to take on chores in the calf barn, pig barn, and in the fields. In 2001 after two summers with lots of rain and plenty of feed, we added a small herd of Angus X cows. In fall 2003 we found a very productive water well that changed our production potential. After many additions and changes starting in 2004 we finally completed our irrigation project in the spring of 2016.


    Presently we have 190 dairy cows, plus replacement heifers, we produce hay, barley, and straw for local markets, we calve out 190 Angus cows annually, and finish approximately 40 for local market, and we also raise hogs and finish them for our customers in our local markets. Most of our feed is produced on the farm and nourishes all of our animals.


    We take a lot of pride in the work of our farming life and try to achieve the best sustainable farming practices we can. Everything that has been accomplished on the farm has only been possible with the help and support of all of the workers and staff.


    We look forward to contributing to the health and lifestyle in providing you with quality food for your families."


    The Traber Family & the Grob Family




  • Our Products

    Beef & Pork

    Our beef cattle are pasture raised and fed through the winter with the hay and corn we grow on our property. We offer many cuts of beef, and are very proud of the meat we offer. We also offer a wide variety of pork cuts. All of our meat is hormone free and the care and well-being of our animals is of utmost importance to us.


    Meat is available for purchase by contacting us directly or online at Long Table Grocery.



    Hay, Barley & Straw

    Our high quality hay crops and straw are available for purchase. Contact us directly.

  • Contact us

    Please call (250) 747 8680 for:

    • Beef and Pork sales or inquiries
    • Dairy inquiries


    Please call (250) 747 8644 for:

    • Hay, Barley and Straw sales or inquiries
    • Machines and mechanical inquiries



    2849 Holley Road, Quesnel BC, V2J 6L9, Canada